2006 Kittens

Peaches and Cream

These are two feral kittens that were born mid-May. They were brought in over the 4th of July weekend. They were pretty sick to start off with, particularly Peaches (the orange one). The mother had actually abandoned Peaches since he was so ill. She took Cream (the lighter one) and the third kitten from the litter to a locked city corp yard. We were able to coax Cream out of the fence, which was good because he was also sick. We haven't seen the third kitten since. Peaches was so sick that at his first vet visit on July 5th, he weighed only 0.6 pounds. Luckily they're responding well to medication and putting on weight quickly. As of the start of August, they've both passed the 2 pound milestone and were well enough to start vaccinations. They still have a few more treatments and vaccinations before they're 100% better though.

They're kept in a large dog kennel in my parents' kitchen since they have to be isolated from the adult cats until they get a clean bill of health (not to mention big enough to deal with adult cats). They get let out to run around the kitchen multiple times a day to get their exercise. Their crate is outfitted with all the kitten amenities such as hammocks, a scratching pad and toys. They have additional toys they get to play with while out in the kitchen such as the feather on a string.

Here they are in their hammocks.

And here's a play session out in the kitchen.

Here's some close-ups of Cream. He's a cream and white tabby. His eyes still haven't quite taken on their adult color, but probably will be grey or light yellow.

And here's some close-ups of Peaches. He's an orange tabby with orange eyes.