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My Cats


Spider is a black cat with white tickings. He is the runt of his litter. He was born to one of my parents' cats, Dolly, back in the spring of 2000. At birth, he was about half the size of his siblings. It was touch and go until he was about 8 weeks old. He ate so little that his fur faded along his tiger stripes (all solid cats have tiger stripes too faint to easily see) until he had two white stripes going down his back. He's now a very spunky cat who likes to attack tassles and other hanging things.


After Marmalade died, Spider just went nuts. After about a month of that, I went to Happy Tails cat rescue in Sacramento to find him a good companion. I found Hope. She's a couple months younger than Spider (late spring kitten), but definately matched in size and temperment. Within 3 days, they were the best of friends. As a younger cat, Hope was a bit of a trouble-maker, but she's calming down now in her middle age. She still has her moments though. She's figured out how to open the cabinets here and taught Spider how to as well.

Rescued Kittens

2006 Kittens

Cats That Have Passed On

Here's a little memorial to the cats I've owned over the years. The descriptions were written primarily when the cats were still living.


Treehugger Marmalade
As the name suggests, Marmalade is a big orange tabby. He is by far our more trouble ridden cat. When he is not sick and on medicines from the vet, he is running around the house chasing the other cats. Marmalade has one feature that makes him a play target of other cats. When he was a kitten, his tail was paralyzed from the toxins on a flea collar (don't use those nasty things!). Now the other cats think that hanging tail is fun to bat around. Marmalade doesn't however. After many struggles with illnesses, Marmalade died in the summer of 2001.



Matthew is a 13 year grouchy old cat. He is a tabby and white with a nice splash of Siamese blood. He has gotten quite demanding and vocal in his old age. His Siamese voice shows in his meow :)
I'm saddened to report Matthew has passed away on March 15, 1997



Of all the cats, Mesha is by far the meanest. She thinks she should rule the house. She has been spoiled rotten since she was a kitten. Mesha is a blue tortie point Birman. That's basically a long-haired Siamese with little white boots on each foot. Her points are grey with orange speckles. She also has a big orange stripe down her nose. Mesha has passed away now.


Ghost is a solid grey short-haired cat. She is one of the kittens born to Mesha's sister. Ghost may not look Siamese but she sure sounds like it. She spends most of her outside away from the other cats. Ghost has passed away now.


Cali is a deep seal point Balinese (long-haired Siamese). She is not very fond of other cats and spends most of her time sleeping in out of the way places. Cali is one of the most independant of the cats when it comes to people. She only pays attentions to you when she wants to do so. Cali passed away of a sudden heart problem in 1999.



Fluffy is a roly-poly long-haired grey and white cat. She is also related to Mesha and Ghost. This little cat is neat as a pin, never likes a mess anywhere. She's also a little bundle of nervous energy. Of all the cats, she is most likely to jump sky high if you catch her off guard. She also has the Siamese meow. Fluffy died, some might say of a broken heart, shortly after Remus passed away.



Remus is a blue point Balinese. He is related to Fluffy, Mesha and Ghost. He is a sweet cat but not all there most of the time. His favorite thing to do is follow you around the house. I think that's about the only thing he can concentrate on enough to do. Remus passed away of heart problems in 2005.

Yoda and Snip

Yoda and Snip are the "kittens" of the household (even though they are 2 years old). Their mother showed up in our neighbor's backyard 3 days before having them. The are both long-haired cats with extremely fluffy tails. Yoda has chocolate colored Siamese-type points as well as large blotches of brown on her sides. She also has a nice little tuff of white at the end of her tail. Snip is mostly black with some white markings. Both like to be cuddled although Snip is more likely to howl when she wants attention.

Thanks for visiting the terrestrial portion of my zoo.